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Salem, Massachusetts is home to a world of haunting enchantments! Walk the narrow streets of our “Witch City” and you will pass unusual shops, strange museums, and travel through time as you read the epitaphs of history on one of our many colonial graves. Meet real Salem Witches who are waiting to guide you through our city’s mysteries. Shop mystical emporiums that will entice you with treasures found nowhere else. Scare yourself with one of our several family oriented haunted attractions. Take a tour of the Witch City’s streets with a guide who can introduce you to real local haunts!

Whether you seek to unravel Salem's haunting past, or to experience Salem's bewitching present, a journey to Salem, Massachusetts is a journey into wonder and magic.

The infamous Witch Trials of 1692 gave birth to a heritage that Salem cannot deny. Today, we in Salem embrace our past and strive to present it to our guests in a way that gives respect to those who lost their lives to intolerance. Listen closely to the whispers on the winds and you will hear the cry of these innocent victims of the Witchcraft hysteria. Experience the Witch trials firsthand by visiting one of our many museums that are dedication to them.

Whether you come for our haunting history, enchanting shops, Witchcraft, or even a little spooky fun, let your next destination be Salem, Massachusetts!

Hex: Old World Witchery
Hex: Old World Witchery
246 Essex Street, (978) 666-0765
Cast your own spell at Salem’s newest Witch shop! Located across from the Samantha statue, Hex honors the old ways of Witchcraft and Hoodoo with ritual tools, jewelry, incense, candles, oils, statues, charms, roots, and herbs! Also get readings from Salem Witches (and proprietors) Christian Day and Leanne Marrama!
Click here to visit us online!

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